About us

In the mist of the South American Andes and the exuberance of the Colombian Tropical Rainforest, grow two of the most health beneficial plants known for centuries. We are talking about quinine and ginger; ancient species that have created wellbeing through generations.

The strong bond created between our ancestors and our forests, has been inherited to us, and is one of the reasons why we feel the need to continue to protect and respect them as they did in the past.

That is why we continue to harvest and collect our crops in an artisan way that assures the wellbeing of the land and the great quality of our products.

All our Tonics and Mixers are born in an artisan harvest, then move to a botanical extraction process, to later be transformed by a team of experts that create MiL976. We transform every mix, every cocktail, and every creation in an alchemy of flavors, smells, and notes as unique as the people who use them.